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The no. 1 house favourite, Nasomatto. Founded by the Italian perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri, who has created scents for Versace, Valentino, Helmut Lang, Fendi, Diesel, and more. Gualtieri was educated in the art of perfumery in Germany and built a successful career working with artists, niche brands and major designers – but after being rejected more and more for his radical concepts, he decided to strike out on his own.

He established his Amsterdam-based brand in 2007 and called it Nasomatto (Italian for ‘crazy nose’), and since then, we have been lucky enough to experience his intriguing and exquisite scents, now you will be too.

Founded by Alessandro Gualtieri, a man who has acquired a wonderfully renegade reputation within the world of fragrance, Nasomatto refuses to publish ingredient lists (refreshing for those of us eternally perplexed by the cataloging of top notes). Instead, he describes his perfumes by their inspirations—things like Absinth’s “aim to evoke degrees of hysteria' and “stimulate irresponsible behavior” (the result: smoky, woody, and green) and Narcotic V.’s representation of “the overwhelming addictive intensity of female sexual power” (a balmy, romantic tuberose). Black Afgano, “the result of a quest to arouse the effects of temporary bliss,” is perhaps their most universally celebrated concoction—the first perfume to use hashish as a lead ingredient, it's smoky and black with an almost leathery, resinous wear. Appealing, no?

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